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It's not easy and it doesn't happen overnight, but we have a proven track record when in comes to search engine visibility. Our process cultivates one of the most important aspects of SEO, organic search. A well structured, keyword driven website, along with our know-how will get results, results that last.

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Siteboxpro has the experience and know-how to improve your site's visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Improving organic search, mobile visibility, Geo-centric search (local search), and paid search are all within our wheelhouse.


We begin with a review of your current website. This includes a site evaluation (checking for errors and broken links, etc.), review of statistics (such as Google Analytics), current rankings reports for the keywords you are targeting and a top-competitor reports.


We take the results of these reviews and reports and formulate a plan to improve your results, Measured results include increase in Google search ranking and Google Analytics of site traffic, including keyword source.


We continuously monitor your sites traffic and ranking through statistical and real-time reporting. We will then make any necessary adjustments to content, landing pages and keyword targets to improve results.

BrightEdge reports that 79% of keywords overall and 47% of keywords in positions 1- 20 rank differently in search on mobile and desktop.

Search engine optimization: Case Study

Case Study: Woodhaven Village Senior Living

Woodhaven Village, located in Conroe, TX wanted to improve their search engine ranking for their senior living community. Siteboxgroup was able to analyze a variety of potential opportunities, and has been dramatically improving SEO for both traditional and organic search.

Before Siteboxgroup
  • 14% visibility across 3 main search engines
  • 0 Keywords ranking in top 10 (page 1)
  • 0 Keywords ranking in top 50
  • 0 Ranking in Google Maps
  • 0 Visibility in Google Mobile Search
Since Siteboxgroup
  • 64% visibility across 3 main search engines
  • 48 Keyword rankings in top 10 (3 at #1)
  • 96 Keywords ranking in top 50
  • #3 position on Google Maps
  • 74% Visibility in Google Mobile Search

Woodhaven Village SEO Report

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