You are bound to have a lot of questions, here are a few of the more common ones...

I already have a website, why do I need Siteboxpro?

Websites on Siteboxpro are connected to our easy-to-use tools which allow you to manage your own site. Edit and add pages, upload graphics, PDFs and more. Contact us today for a no obligation quote on moving your web site to Siteboxpro!

Can I use my own domain?

Absolutely. When you first setup a website, we'll assign you a placeholder domain, something like, so that you can access and administrate your site. But, when you're ready, you can assign any domains that you own to your website.

How do I know you won't just close up shop one day?

You can take a look at our company. We're a growing, debt-free business with a solid reputation that we've built since 2001. We are heavily invested in our products, which host websites for clients nationwide. We are in this for the long haul, and as such, we are firmly committed to our products and our customers.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Fill out our contact form or email us anytime at You can also call our sales department directly at (281) 549-5229 ext.601.Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm Central time (US).

Does it work on a Mac?

Yes! and on PCs. It's an online application so there's nothing to install. All you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser. Both Safari and Firefox are supported on Mac. On PC, we officially support IE 7 or later as well as Firefox. Linux users can also use Firefox.

Is there a contract commitment or can I cancel at any time?

There are no setup fees and no contracts. You pay by the month and you can change subscriptions for any of your websites at any time.

What about email?

We don't provide email, so you can host your email wherever you wish. We often recommend Google's applications on your domain, because it is a really great service and it is free. If you want to use Google's service you can set it up yourself, or if you need our help we can do it for you for a one-time $50 fee. For more information or to order this service, please contact us.