Is Your Site Lost in Mobile Searches?

There is a pretty good chance that you are aware of the importance of making sure your website is "mobile-friendly", but there is a chance you may not be aware of the main reason to do so, here goes...

"Over a month ago, the news broke that Google's starting the 'mobile-first indexing of the Web', meaning that they are beginning to index the mobile version of websites, when available, as opposed to the desktop version. The less obvious - but perhaps even more important  - implication of this change is that Google will now also analyze mobile pages against the ranking signals to determine how a site should rank in both mobile and desktop search results."

"If you think about it, it makes sense. Google's previously said that over half of search queries globally come from mobile devices. From a nice-to-have, mobile friendliness has turned into a must - if your page isn't optimized for mobile devices, it's likely to be discarded from mobile search results completely. If you already have a mobile page, then you should focus even more on improving it in 2017 than ever before."

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